Q: What’s the meaning of Akeko?

Akeko is a Yoruba word meaning: ‘student’. The Yoruba language is spoken in West Africa, most prominently in Nigeria.


Q: Is Akeko free?

Akeko is free to join. However, for getting services, you will need to pay the agreed-upon fees. We understand that the primary users of Akeko will be graduate students who don’t have enough funds to spare. However, the marketplace at Akeko will be competitive, which will help keep the charges nominal and affordable. 


Q: How Akeko is useful for the research community?

Akeko is a platform to connect the world’s best researchers. It also encourages researchers to help the community. They can either help voluntarily or on some agreed-upon fees to get compensated for their time and efforts. Here are a few ways in which a researcher can help each other:

  • Providing feedback on research.
  • Evaluating research proposals.
  • Building a proof of concepts.
  • Developing analytical models.
  • Reviewing research papers.
  • Proofreading technical documents, and so forth.


Q: What if people exploit this system to get their thesis done?

Akeko is not a paper or thesis writing service, which means we do not allow any ghost-writer services. To ensure that services offered on Akeko meet the defined standards, we scrutinize offered services periodically. If you have any concerns about a particular service, please reach out to us at hey@akekeo.co.


Q: How does Akeko ensure privacy?

The contents and authors’ privacy is maintained professionally and backed by our ‘Terms and Conditions’ signed by each user at the time of signup.


Q: What if the Akeko reviewer plagiarized my idea?

Akeko avoids the risk of plagiarism by keeping track of the communication between parties involved. The under-review paper or project details can also be made available online as a pre-print. All these records can later be used against any case of plagiarism.


Q: How Akeko is useful for senior researchers?

Here are a few scenarios in which senior researchers or professors can find Akeko useful:

  • Get help from junior researchers for building a proof-of-concept.
  • Collaborate with scholars from other domains and explore new research directions.
  • Guide and help junior researchers and so forth.


Q: How Akeko is useful for young researchers?

A young researcher can find Akeko useful in the following ways:

  • Get guidance and help in any phase of the research cycle from the senior researchers.
  • Gain experience by working on research projects.
  • Get connected with senior researchers, collaborate with them, and enhance his/her research portfolio.